Folge 9: Showdown in der Geisterstadt!

Auf unserer Suche nach Mitstreitern im Kampf gegen die Pulverbanditen haben wir mäßigen Erfolg. Zwar bekommen wir von Rangerin Sunny, der Barbesitzern Trudy und dem ollen Doc Mitchell Zusagen. Chet und Easy Pete verweigern uns aber leider die Hilfe. Schnell knacken wir noch einen Safe, dann gehen wir zurück zu Ringo und lassen die Sause beginnen. Zeit wird es auch, denn die Pulverbanditen stehen schon vor der Stadt. Aber mit der Hilfe von Sunny, Trudy und ihrer Miliz nehmen wir den Kampf auf. Problematisch wird es nur, als einer der Banditen plötzlich etwas fehlerbehaftet ist und wir ihn nur schwer treffen können. Es bleibt spannend!

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Folge 56: Dunkler Schlund alter Tage!

Was ist das Geheimnis des alten Knackers im Rollstuhl? Wir suchen den Opa an allen bekannten Orten auf und quatschen dann mit ihm. Da wir uns der Dunkelheit würdig erwiesen haben, öffnet er das Tor zum dunklen Schlund alter Tage.1

Pokémon X (Wedlocke) Suishomaru

Let's Play Pokémon X (Wedlocke)

Folge 33: Zwischen bunten Blättern

Da wir mittlerweile nun schon den dritten Orden binnen kürzester Zeit gewonnen haben, dürften wir ruhig mal eine etwas ruhigere Kugel schieben, möchte ich meinen.0

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Or maybe, given the Ethiopian grandfather, today, in modern Russia, the colorful exterior of Alexander wrote to Pushkin’s own special antiracist rap. So what? Pushkin official! All, as in the nineteenth century. That’s just unlikely that he would shoot today. But the fate did not go away, and Dantes still caught up to him. Maybe even here in the still deserted park near the Black River. If you are not a politician, then what? Internet users respond to the question: Teacher of literature, and and he was beaten by the Nazis and the skins on their way to school The champion of Russia in athletics. Negroids are good in the sprint and longdistance running. Such a person as Pushkin, was not destined to become a politician, a Soviet writer. He was a stranger to it. Englishlanguage poet of genius RussianJewish immigrant. Recall the sixpointed star on his grave. It was a genius and a great poet. And we have to regret that he is now living with us. We have him in my arms and made to wear a fabulous poet life, if, of course, knew that he will make it Pushkin. Zoshchenko Behind his irony, epigram, explosive, thrill to the game and looks funny to teenagers called it “Funny People”. Or a rock musician. Films about Pushkin, interesting information, as well as a survey on the website “The fate of Russia in the 21st Century” russiaxxi.blogspotm201206blogpost Who would Pushkin in our time? Possible answers: Teacher of Russian Language The athleterunner Bloggeropposition Putin aide Emigre writer Director of the Museum. Pushkin The scientistorientalist The wellknown showbusinessman Singerrapper In our time, living writers and poets, which is now also called the great and brilliant. But in life, no one was in a hurry to wear them on your hands and hold them to a fabulous life. They are not printed Bulgakov, expelled from the country Khodasevich, doomed to hunger and poverty Zoshchenko, driven to certain death at the Kolyma Mandelstam, or simply killed Babel. As Joseph Brodsky, who was “idler” on Vasilevsky Island, it was sent to the “free” country, as the authorities have envied him the Nobel Prize. There is another book about the legacy of Pushkin in our day “Code of Onegin,” the writer’s Brain Down Our response to the “Da Vinci Code”. I recommend to read for those who love conspiracies, intrigue, mysticism, and adventure. Think: Who is the most favorite and is often commemorated by the people Russian writer? Who created the Russian literary language? Who became a symbol of Russian statehood, and at the same time, and Russian riot? Who, after all, will close the door behind him? Of course, Pushkin. Two centuries of Russian history took place under that name. But if anyone knows, except the characters in this book, the true face of the brilliant author of “Eugene Onegin”? Does anyone have revealed a certain manuscript that keeps dark secrets Russian descendant of African witch?… Petersburg celebrated the birthday of the great poet Honorary citizenship of the late Alexander Pushkin advanced our MPs do not give. In contrast to the late first democratic mayor. But people are entertained by Pushkin. Pushkin Day June 6, 2012 in St. Petersburg said on Arts Square. Famous St. Petersburg artists of theater and film, Anna Kovalchuk, Ivan Krasko, Svetlana Kryuchkova, Sergey Migitsko under a white tent stage read Pushkin’s fairy tales, and played a theatrical performance with scenes from the childhood of the poet and his Lyceum youth. At the celebration was seen and the hero of the day. Alexander was photographed with everyone on the background of the monument to Pushkin. Celebrations were held in this day and in Tsarskoye Selo, where Pushkin studied. In the Constantine Palace in honor of the poet Strelna held the ball. In the center of St. Petersburg while working three more interactive and entertaining sites: the St. Michael’s Street at the intersection of Nevsky Prospekt, the Court Gostiny and Griboyedov Canal. There have been a demonstration of “living pictures” with scenes from the life of Pushkin, interactive performances, musical and dance interludes with games, contests and tricks, performances for children and adults, reading works by the great Russian poet of the Spanish, Italian, Georgian and other languages. Pushkin’s poetry in our time, he would get a court judgment against extremism A word spoken is past recalling. The sun is now sitting to the Russian poetry from 282 as a nice little. Happy Birthday, Pushkin! “We are good citizens amused And the pillar of shame Guts of the last priest The last king snake. ” Source: Diderot. 1772 Et ses mains ourdiraient les entrailles du pretre Au defaut d’un cordon pour etrangler les rois. “And in the absence of a rope to his arm torn ass guts to strangle their kings” Be cheerful, Alexander, on his birthday! Ritah Miller, poet. Completely read the article and other articles on the website “The fate of Russia” politics, history, culture. In Russian.

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